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Rock of Ages Granite Memorials for Your Loved Ones Lincoln Monuments, Montclair, NJ
Lincoln Monument Company and Rock of Ages Designed and Crafted Granite Memorials
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Memorial Monuments, Cemetery Monuments, Mausoleums, and Memorial Headstones

The memorial you choose must stand as an endearing symbol of your love and respect. Your memorial must reflect family pride and dignity in a refined manner. The memorialist you seek to help you with this task must have the proper credentials and should present them. This will assure you the highest quality craftsmanship, finest granites, and the strongest warranty in the memorial industry.

Since 1919, and 30 industry awards to its credit Lincoln Monument Company has been saving memories for many generations. A family owned and operated company that provides the highest degree of quality, award winning designs and personal service.

Together, we will help you make the right choice.

  the Lincoln Monument Company, Saving Memories Since 1919

Lincoln Monument Company, Montclair, NJ

Lincoln Monument Company, Westfield, NJ

McHugh Memorials, East Hanover, NJ

Tully Memorials, East Hanover, NJ


Rock of Ages Granite Memorials are designed and crafted from Hand Selected Granite Blocks from Rock of Ages' own quarries. Memorials to last forever, with written warranty, guaranteeing your Memorial in Perpetuity.


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Lincoln Monument Company, Saving Memories for Families Like Yours, Since 1919
McHugh Memorials, Tully Memorials
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