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Monuments, Mausoleums and Memorial Headstones
memorial monuments, mausoleums, cemetery memorials
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Bronze Memorial Markers

Bronze Memorial Markers

There are many materials that may be used to make a memorial marker, including granite and marble, but one of the hardiest and most durable materials that can be utilized is bronze. Its capability to withstand the elements and its reputation for quality make bronze a great material in which to cast a memorial marker. Anyone wishing to invest in a classic and enduring memorial should keep the bronze marker at the top of their list.

The bronze material has long been recognized for its ability to create ornate shapes and configurations that stand the test of time. Its durability makes is perfect for outdoor use and its features make it versatile enough to create even the most special of items. It is not only the material itself which makes it a top choice for grave markers. Much also relies on the process in which bronze memorial markers are made. It is a special process which ensures an enduring way to memorialize a loved one.

Bronze memorial markers are created with an alloy bronze that is made up of tin, copper and a small amount of lead and zinc. The life of a bronze memorial marker begins with a sand mold. The mold is of the to be minted plaque, complete with all of the lettering desired on the finished product. It is then set up for pouring. Bronze ingots are next put in a pot and subjected to around 2000 degrees of heat. This heat melts the bronze until it is suitable for pouring. At this point it is poured into the mold.

After the bronze is molded, it enters the cooling off phase. Once cool, it enters the chasing process. During chasing, imperfections are removed from the bronze by grinding. When complete, the surface shape and texture is perfected. The artist will then work by hand to define any part or detail that did not develop properly in the casting process.

Once the artist is satisfied with the level of detail, he or she will apply a number of coats of oxidizing paint to the bronze marker. After the oxidation is completely dry, the artist will use a solvent to rub the paint off parts of the marker. This will expose the top edge of the wording and design features. It will also reveal the innate bronze coloring on the marker. The natural coloring will provide an easy to view contrast to the oxidized background. A last coat of lacquer will give the marker a finished look.

Once the bronze marker is finished, it is secured on a granite base with hardware made of brass. The base is normally four inches thick. The unity of bronze and granite creates a lasting memorial that will stand the test of time and all of the elements that it is subjected to.

Bronze markers can be created in an assortment of different designs. Larger markers are suitable to hold additional personalization, such as emblems or epitaphs. The customization qualities of the bronze marker make it an ideal way to memorialize a loved one.

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