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memorial monuments, mausoleums, cemetery memorials The family business quickly flourished and a second location, Tully Memorials in East Hanover was purchased. Then, a third, McHugh Memorials also in East Hanover, followed by a fourth in Westfield, NJ.
Monuments, Mausoleums and Memorial Headstones
memorial monuments, mausoleums, cemetery memorials
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Clean Granite Headstone

Clean Granite Headstone

When choosing a memorial headstone, it is natural to want the best for our loved ones who have passed on. After all, we want what's best for them in life, so why wouldn't we want the same for them in death? This is the ultimate and final tribute for the ones that we love the most.

There are many choices available when picking out a memorial. Headstones, plaques, benches and markers are all very popular choices, but two stand above the rest in terms of popularity. Headstones and markers take up most of the market for memorials. They are quality products that promise longevity and beauty combined in one.

The majority of headstones and markers are made of one particular material, granite. The innate qualities of granite make it the perfect choice for permanent memorials. Granite can be etched to reflect names, dates, epitaphs and even images. It is a hardy material that promises to last a very long time. Over the years, it wears well and even gains character along the way. The granite itself may be shaped by artists to become many different ways. Some opt for rectangles, crosses or even hearts. The artist is only limited by his or her imagination.

Clean granite is an easy to maintain material. It is easily wiped clean and repels most types of weather. But for those who want to guarantee the easiest to maintain granite memorial, there are a few steps that can be taken to help the process.

The type of memorial determines part of the future maintenance that will be required by loved ones. Headstones are upright and are mostly above the ground. This helps them keep free of the earth surrounding it. Markers do not share in this advantage. They are flat against the ground. This makes them prone to dirt, grass, bugs and any other overgrowth. Loved ones will have to engage in a routine maintenance program to ensure the memorial is as clean as it can be.

Also, loved ones may want to choose a clean granite memorial that has a finish applied to the top of it. This will help the memorial to repel any dirt or debris that it may come in contact with. It creates a barrier between the elements and the porous material that constitutes the headstone or marker. This glaze will also make the memorial have a more finished appearance. It gives it a slight sheen that looks beautiful in the sun.

The more texture and intricate detail added to the memorial, the more likelihood of dirt accumulation. This shouldn't deter anyone from purchasing an elaborately decorated memorial, though. Remember, over time, what seems like a negative, may actually turn into a positive. If a memorial is outside, it is going to get dirty. It is just a fact of nature, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. As the memorial ages, it will gain character and even take on a life of its own.

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