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Monuments, Mausoleums and Memorial Headstones
memorial monuments, mausoleums, cemetery memorials
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Companion Grave Markers

Companion Grave Markers

Companion markers are available to memorialize those who were together in life. This is a tasteful option currently available among memorial markers to permanently celebrate the love two people shared in life, and to honor this bond even after death. This option is not restricted to those married in life; it is for all who shared a bond and a lifetime of unity.

When a death of a loved one occurs, it is a painful process for those left behind. The pain is twice as bad when a double tragedy occurs. If two loved ones who shared the bond of love perish at the same time, a companion memorial is a compassionate way to honor both of the deceased. Both loved ones will be represented equally and their life together will be celebrated.

Companion memorials are not reserved for partners that perish together. Companion grave markers are available even if one loved one passes away sooner than the other. The memorial will be set up when the first loved one is buried. The date of death of the remaining partner can remain un-carved until his or her passing, or the memorial stone can be placed after both members are laid to rest together.

When two people share their lives together, a lasting bond is created. This bond should be honored even in death. A companion marker does just this. Beyond just the date of birth and date of death, anniversary dates may also be added to the marker. It is also a common practice to add pictures of the deceased. Often, individual pictures will be on the outer sides of the stone, while a picture of both deceased together is in the middle.

Companion markers should be viewed as a lasting tribute to early love. Soul mates create a bond that should be celebrated throughout time. This memorial option does just that.

Companion markers are a great way to show family unity in a cemetery. With a companion marker, the family plot will read like a family tree. It will be obvious for future generations to know who has married who, even if the information has not been passed down verbally.

Companion markers are available in many shapes, sizes and materials. These memorials can be created in headstone or marker shape. The headstone can be an upright marker showing the names of both deceased and all the traditional marker information. Markers lay flat on the ground and contain the same information as headstones. Both are large enough to include anniversary information as well.

The shapes of the memorial are not confined to the traditional shape. Often times, companion markers will be hearts joined together. The shapes available vary greatly. There is little doubt that the perfect shape can be found to memorialize two loved ones and their bond of love.

The memorial may be made out of several different types of material, including marble and granite. Colors range from grayish to reddish. Personal preference plays a great part in the design of the perfect companion marker. The best choice is often what you think the deceased would have liked.

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