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Is my monument builder qualified?

One of the most important state recognized certifications, in our industry, is issued by the Monument Builders of North America. This certification is known as "CM" or certified memorialist. The CM designation is a mark of distinction offered to those individuals who pursue excellence, and have achieved the highest professional level that can be reached in the monument industry today. After hours of arduous exams covering history, technology, and techniques candidates are only eligible once they have accumulated 50 points by participating in a broad range of industry related activities. The Lincoln Monument Company is proud to have the ONLY certified memorialist in the state of New Jersey and one of 133 worldwide, Ralph Rullis, Jr,.CM

What to look for?

Purchasing a memorial is a major investment of time and money and should be undertaken with great care. The Lincoln Monument Company recommends careful and relaxed planning when purchasing a memorial. Whether you are making immediate or pre-need arrangements for a funeral or purchasing cemetery property you should know that you and your family ARE NOT obligated to purchase a monument from a funeral home or a cemetery. In fact, a good argument can be made to delay the purchase of a memorial, the one visual and lasting tribute, until other matters are completed. The Lincoln Monument Company is a reliable source of information regarding the various regulations of the cemetery in your area. Since cemeteries regulate the size and type of memorials, it is wise to consult with a monument builder before you purchase your cemetery lot. Your wishes and our suggestions will combine to help you decide on the quality of granite, color, appropriate text, and meaningful floral carvings. We will prepare drawings or rubbings to help you visualize the finished memorial as well as to check for any errors before the memorial is completed.

What are monuments made of?

All of The Lincoln Monument Company's memorials are made from granite, marble, or bronze all of which are very durable, and reasonably priced. Granite is the most popular material because of its durability, and is available in a wide variety of colors and finishes.

What are the different styles of monuments I can purchase?

Where cemetery regulations allow, monuments may include crosses, statues and flowers. Upright monuments come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes, providing a full range of creative personalized works of art. We offer a single or double size based on the amount of individual graves owned. Slant and bevel markers are midway in height between flat markers and upright monuments. Flat markers are ground level or "flush" which can make them difficult to locate. They can also be personalized, but the design is restricted by the smaller size.

How much do monuments cost?

At The Lincoln Monument Company monuments and markers are priced according to quality of material, size, color, and finishes. Most cemeteries will have permit fees or foundation charges which we will be able to inform you of at your request. There is a very solid, concrete foundation below monuments so there is very little problem with monuments tipping or shifting. Prices can range from upwards of $600 for a simple flat marker to $10000 for more elaborate upright memorial designs. The price of a single upright monument is approximately $1,500 to $2,500. The price of a double upright monument is approximately $2,000 to $4,000.

What type of warranty does a monument have?

Some monument builders will warranty their finished product against defects in material, workmanship, and installation. These warranties, however, provide limited short term protection. Furthermore, if the memorial company goes out of business you are not protected. The Lincoln Monument Company goes above and beyond that. We offer a perpetual warranty backed by Rock Of Ages Corporation and The Wilmington Trust Fund which has no time limitation and is the strongest in the industry. This warranty extends protection to the cemetery, the purchaser, and the purchaser's heirs even if Rock of Ages or The Lincoln Monument Company is no longer in business.
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