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memorial monuments, mausoleums, cemetery memorials The family business quickly flourished and a second location, Tully Memorials in East Hanover was purchased. Then, a third, McHugh Memorials also in East Hanover, followed by a fourth in Westfield, NJ.
Monuments, Mausoleums and Memorial Headstones
memorial monuments, mausoleums, cemetery memorials
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Funeral Planning

When there is a passing of a friend or family member, it is always a difficult time. You cope with the grief and the realization of their absence and then there is dealing with the planning of funeral services and memorials. Finally, you mourn the loss of your loved one. Memorial Services for loved ones are always sad but this is also a time to reflect about your loved one. You think about the memories you've shared, the impact they have had in your life, and then you think about what made them so special to you and everyone else they've touched. Your loved one has left a legacy in your memories and in the memories of those around; but a headstone, grave marker, or memorial will be a tribute to their life and will represent who this person was to you.

Many times we fret over the details that go into planning a funeral or memorial service. When it comes time to pick a headstone there are many things to think about. What will it look like? What kind of headstone or type of memorial is the right one? Finally, the most important detail to decide is what it will say. Take your time and choose a clear and meaningful headstone quote. What you choose as a headstone and quote will serve as a memorial or marker that you can come back to and will allow you to feel as close to that loved one that has passed on.

Typically, it is always good to state on the headstone that your loved one was, not just their name but whom they were in your family. Were they a mother, father, sister, brother, were they just a child? Sometimes people make funeral plans ahead of time and plan for their death; know if your loved one chose a special quote that they wanted displayed. You should always try to honor what is in their will and then you might want to add something special that visitors to the grave site or memorial can remember them by. Here are a few suggestions to follow and quote ideas.

  1. State your loved one's name. Think about that person's personality; maybe a nice cursive script for a woman or a child. A traditional serif font (Times New Roman) is clear, bold and works well for men. If your loved one had a nickname that everyone remembers them by, you can include it in this manner: First name "nickname" Last name.

  2. Include the span of years that they lived. This information is very common and found on most headstones but can be varied from just featuring years or actual birth date to the date of passing. Including the time that your loved one was here on earth is a good idea because new generations of family members that come after your loved one has passed can see what years this person lived and it is always interesting to track back to what generation of your family your loved one contributed to.

  3. State the role this person played in your family. For example you can say, "A devoted mother, loving wife, loving sister, and faithful friend". A quote like this is optional but also common on many headstones.

  4. Include a character quote. This is not as common as the kind of quote stated above but sometimes our loved ones are very special people. They could have been very unique or they are remembered for specific things that made them memorable as an individual. It's a nice touch to include a meaningful quote. Small children often have references that they are angels, a common but less personal quote is that they will always be remembered, loved, and or missed. A more memorable quote would be something like a saying what they were known for. A good example of this kind of quote can be found on the headstone of entertainment mogul Merv Griffin who passed on in 2007. The quote on his headstone reads "I will not be right back after this message." Some might think its funny, others might think it sounds like a bad joke, but to those that knew him personally, and this quote fits perfectly and honors the memory of his life.

In conclusion, when picking a quote, keep in mind that the purpose of a headstone, grave marker, memorial, monument, or mausoleum is to honor the life of your loved one that has passed. Sometimes keeping it simple is adequate but when adding a special quote, choose something that is memorable and unique to the time your loved one was alive. When you come back to visit the memorial site you'll appreciate the effort that was put into making the headstone special and personal.

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