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Monuments, Mausoleums and Memorial Headstones
memorial monuments, mausoleums, cemetery memorials
Articles :: How To Give a Eulogy

How To Give a Eulogy

Eulogies are intended to praise, honor and commemorate someone who has died. The focal point of most modern funerals is a eulogy delivered by a family member or friend of the departed. If you have been chosen to give a eulogy for someone, you may be concerned about doing it the right way. It can also be difficult to set aside your own pain in order to take on the task. Giving a eulogy is nothing to be afraid of. Once you get started, you will find it is easier than you think.

A conventional eulogy might contain a summary of the person's life, fond memories you have shared with them, details of their accomplishments, interests or work. In some cases, it is appropriate to share a light-hearted or humorous anecdote. This can help people remember the deceased fondly but you should use discretion and only use humor when it is appropriate.

The first step to telling the story of a person`s life is to talk to the people that knew them best. Talk to family members and friends of the deceased and gather as much information as you can about their life. Points to mark down are things from their childhood, any awards or career milestones and major events such as the birth of their children.

Organize things in the proper timeline. Once you have enough points gathered you should put them in chronological order beginning at their birth and leading up to their final years. Most eulogies start at the very beginning and flow chronologically from there.

Be concise, while still mentioning all the most important things. A good eulogy encompasses brevity so that the audience will remember each and every detail. There will be a lot of things to note, so the less time each point takes, the better the chance the audience will retain them.

Tips for delivery

  • Rehearse your eulogy out loud a few times prior to presenting it. This will help you identify any awkward wording and also help you to memorize parts of it.
  • Have a backup person to deliver the eulogy, in case you can`t continue.
  • Keep a typed copy to refer to while you are delivering the eulogy.
  • Have water with you while reading.
  • If things become too difficult, take a moment to collect yourself and begin reading again. If it is too difficult to continue and you are unable to control yourself, ask your backup person to take over.

Above all remember that a eulogy is not only intended to grieve for someone who has been lost but also to celebrate their life. Try to write your eulogy accordingly. Theses times can be difficult for everyone involved but the purpose of a funeral is to remind people of the better times shared with the person who has left.

Realize that being chosen to give a eulogy is a distinct honor and should not be seen as a burden or responsibility. You have likely been asked to speak because someone thinks the person would have wanted to you tell their life story.

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