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memorial monuments, mausoleums, cemetery memorials The family business quickly flourished and a second location, Tully Memorials in East Hanover was purchased. Then, a third, McHugh Memorials also in East Hanover, followed by a fourth in Westfield, NJ.
Monuments, Mausoleums and Memorial Headstones
memorial monuments, mausoleums, cemetery memorials
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Military Headstones

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From the simple crosses at Arlington Cemetery to the more elaborate Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, how we choose to honor and celebrate our departed veterans and fallen soldiers speaks of the high regard in which we hold the men and women that serve our country. If one of your loved ones has passed away and is a veteran, they may indeed be entitled to be buried beneath a military headstone. If you would like to use the headstone provided by the Department of Veteran Affairs, there are several important steps that must be followed.

You will first need to contact a Veterans Benefits Counselor through the VA. This contact will allow you to confirm eligibility for a military headstone. It is a good idea to have the discharge paperwork readily available for reference. Any paperwork that provide proof positive that the deceased is indeed a veteran will suffice.

Next, contact the cemetery the veteran will be placed in. If you have chosen a state, national or federal cemetery, they will carve the headstone for you and place it as well. If you have opted for a private cemetery, you will need to fill out some paperwork. The Application for Standard Government Headstone or Marker (VA form 40-1330) should be completed in full and sent in. At this point the government will carve and ship the headstone to you (or the cemetery) free of charge. Because government headstones are sometimes impersonal, however, many people choose to have an additional memorial stone created.

You will have several different options available to you when choosing the actual headstone. Military headstones are available in a flat model that sits flush with the ground. This model is available in bronze, granite or marble. The upright marker is available in marble or granite. When choosing, rely not only on personal taste but also any rules governing headstones at the cemetery you will be using; often, cemetery's allow either flat stones or upright stones, but not always both.

All military headstones are carved with the veteran's full name as well as both the birth and death date. You may choose to add additional embellishments, such as the rank, grade or rate of the veteran as well as a religious emblem such as a cross or Star of David. You may also choose to add any awards or special commendations the veteran received.

The final step is placement of the headstone. If your veteran is being buried in a state, national or federal cemetery, they will handle the final placement for you once they have completed carving the headstone. If the headstone was shipped to you for placement in a privately owned cemetery, or you have purchased one, you will need to work closely with the management to ensure the stone is placed according to your wishes.

The Administration of Veterans Affairs makes honoring your departed veteran easy. Because the government will carve and ship the headstone (if required) at no cost to you, it is also inexpensive. Contact your VA representative to receive additional information and details, as well as applicable forms, regarding military headstones.

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