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For over 100 years, Rock of Ages has designed and crafted granite memorials for millions of families, so they recognize the importance of preserving memories of loved ones for the generations that follow. They stand behind our granite memorials to ensure the craftsmanship and service that make Rock of Ages memorials truly special.

Rock of Ages hand-selects only the finest quality granite blocks from their own quarries, and supervises the design and crafting of your memorial from the time it leaves the granite quarry through to its installation at your chosen location. Our memorials are made to last forever, and we deliver the strongest written warranty possible, guaranteeing your memorial in perpetuity.

We choose Rock of Ages for the manufacturing of our quality memorial monuments, cemetery headstones, mausoleums, grave markers, and memorial statues.

With a Rock of Ages memorial, memories truly are forever.
Rock of Ages Granite Memorials




etween granite memorials. And only one can be the best.

No other Memorial Firm offers a quality promise as strong as the Rock of Ages promise. How can we do it?

Simply put, only Rock of Ages owns its own quarries, manufacturing plants and memorial design studios. And only Rock of Ages controls the entire production process for each and every memorial we sell. From the actual quarrying of the granite, to the block selection, to the stone-cuffing and polishing, to the final carving and engraving. At each step in this long and meticulous process, our skilled craftsmen constantly assess the quality of the granite, saving the very best stone for our own Rock of Ages Sealmark brand of memorials. We inspect, test and grade the granite each time it is cut or polished. If at any time the stone reveals an imperfection or flaw, it is immediately removed from consideration for our Sealmark memorials.

meets the exacting specifications for Rock of Ages Sealmark quality. Most of the stone we remove from our quarries cannot meet the stringent Sealmark standards. Instead, it may be sold in blocks or slabs to be exported or made into memorials by other manufacturers.

But a few rare blocks of stone do meet our highest standards. These blocks are set aside and designated “Sealmark” quality. And from that moment forward, they receive special handling and attention. Each stone is sawed, polished, cut and carefully hand-sculpted by our most skilled and experienced craftsmen.

All of this intense effort is required to produce a Rock of Ages Sealmark memorial. It’s why our Sealmark stones are known as the most beautiful and permanent memorials on earth.

There is truly no comparison between a lesser grade of stone and our Sealmark granite. Look for the Rock of Ages Sealmark: Rock of Ages Granite Memorials it is always carved discreetly near the base of the memorial. And it is your absolute assurance of quality.

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Lincoln Monument Company, Saving Memories for Families Like Yours, Since 1919
Rock of Ages Granite Memorials
With a Rock of Ages Memorial, Memories Truly Are Forever.
Montclair, NJ | Westfield, NJ | East Hanover, NJ New Jersey