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Monuments, Mausoleums and Memorial Headstones
memorial monuments, mausoleums, cemetery memorials
Articles :: Which Stone to Use for Memorial Monuments

Which Stone to Use for Memorial Monuments

Designing a memorial monument for your loved one can involve countless different personal symbols. Whether you have an angel to symbolize that the deceased is now at peace in heaven, or a large cross or even a modern New Age design, you want to make sure that your deceased will be honored forever by a lasting creation. In order to ensure that the memorial monument will last, you need to choose the correct stone. There are numerous types of stone and materials that you can choose for the memorial monument. All types have their benefits and their disadvantages depending upon what the quality of the material is, and how much you are willing to spend.

Granite, for example, is classical and beautiful, but it can also be pricey. However, it is very strong and will last a long time throughout most types of weather conditions, and withstand the natural course of weather erosion on stone monuments. Since granite is a natural stone, it comes in many different colors and patterns. No one slab of granite will ever look the same as another and is completely unique. Granite is very sought after as a memorial stone, and as such, it is priced accordingly.

Some memorial monuments are constructed from marble that can be equally as pricey as granite, but depending upon the color of the marble the price can decrease. Marble stone has the same sleek look as granite and the same strength to withstand the elements, but marble can create a slightly more affordable memorial stone.

Another new construction of memorial monuments comes from bronze casting. This is far less expensive than both granite and marble. It is a heavier product and can produce a much more artistic result. It is extremely durable against the elements. The only disadvantage is that it can be damaged by mowers unlike granite and marble.

Another type of monument you can choose is made out of aluminum. While aluminum is both attractive and inexpensive (even more so than bronze), it is not a permanent way to honor your loved one. Aluminum can only withstand around 15 to 20 years before it needs to be replaced.

In order to choose the best stone or material for your loved one's memorial monument, you need to take in to consideration the type of budget you have to spend, and also what look you are trying to accomplish in order to commemorate the life of your lost. Take in to consideration what your loved one would have wanted, if your budget allows it, and create a memorial monument to reflect upon personality and spirit. Artistic value and the creation of extravagant monuments may not be important to the deceased, but for the ones they leave behind, it is a representation of the life that they had before passing on. Make sure that the look of this monument is going to be something that is memorable to you and to others that are also mourning the loss of your loved one.

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