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June 21, 2006

Thank you all for your kindness - you made a difficult time a little easier for our family. The monument is beautiful and all we hoped it would be.
God Bless
Betty Brisco

To Ralph and Ms. Vigloria
Thank you both so much for taking care of my family. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness and friendship. We just wanted to let you know. Thanks for being the good people that you are.
Thanks so much.
Wanda Chase + Family #2000

March 4, 2006
He loved me + I did him, till the day he died & he never failed to tell me so every day. He delivered the best. Thank you for making that possible, with my sincerest gratitude.
Rose Lupe

August 4, 2005
Dear Mr. Rullis,
Iím writing to tell you about the wonderful service Iíve received from Dawn Nixdorff. She is very kind and thoughtful and took action to save me a long ride back to your office. Dawn is very pleasant, clearly explained everything and is thorough in her attention to detail. You are fortunate to have her as an employee.
Sandra DíAddario
July 11, 1999
Dear Mr. Rullis,
While I was doing my usual Saturday routine of odds and ends of business not possible during the week, I passed the gates of Bloomfield Cemetery on my way home. For no other reason that pure impulse, I drove in for a few minutes of meditation in one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I have known. Imagine my surprise to see an exact realization of the monument I had envisioned on April 19th when I drove down Orange Road to your establishment.
Please accept my heartfelt thanks for a job not just well done, but superbly done. I cannot imagine any detail of its execution that I would change in any way.
By the terms of our contract, the final payment is now due.Please send your statement as soon as possible and I will be happy to remit.
Very truly yours,
Frederick Branch
November 7, 2001
Dear Ralph,
I am writing you to express my appreciation for your guidance in selecting the headstone for my son Douglas. Your visits to the Hilltop Cemetary in Mendham with our family to look at the burial site was very helpful in selecting the size and color of the headstone. Your experience and gentleness of suggestions helped us in designing a beautiful memorial for my son Doug. The finished product was exactly as designed, and even better than envisioned.
Once again, thank you,your Dad, and also the installation men for all your help. It was greatly appreciated, and made a difficult experience manageable,
Thomas Ferrara
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Lincoln Monument Company, Saving Memories for Families Like Yours, Since 1919
McHugh Memorials, Tully Memorials
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